I've been taking photos since as far back as I could remember. In high school, I ended up on the yearbook staff and then moved to our local junior college and was on the newspaper staff.


Around that time I met my ex-step great uncle... Gene Furness (turns out he's a bit of a famous photographer... I remember him showing me a portrait of Lucille Ball). He suggested I be a pet photographer. At that time, no one was doing it. I transferred from Panola, to Kilgore College and even the photography teacher said no one will pay for pictures of their pets! (I just shook my head and continued.) Things happened, I worked in various places, still shooting on occasion. Then my film camera broke <yes, I'm someone who STARTED in film... let me just say if you've only used a digital camera... you are spoiled, no more waiting hours (or more) to see if the pictures came out!> and it was years before I got any kind of digital camera.

I recently acquired a Canon EOS 1D (Professional level camera) and have gone back to my photography. I'm starting my portrait business as well as shooting Dog Agility, Barn Hunt and conformation win photos.